Your heart health matters to us. At Pascual Pharma Corp., we offer a cardiology portfolio of affordable and bioequivalent drugs so you can enjoy living life to the fullest.

Aplosyn® Otic is a clear and colorless solution that is a combination of topical corticosteroid and antimicrobial agents.

Be confident. We bring you the topical skin medications to effectively treat your most pressing skin concerns.

We help doctors manage diseases that affect the brain and nervous system. Our product for neurological conditions is proven safe and effective.

Protecting your respiratory health is important. We  offer a pharmacological treatment to help you breathe more.

When precious life depends on graft survival, we offer affordable, bio-equivalent option for transplant patients.

Your health is a priority at Pascual Pharma Corp. as we provide clinically-proven drugs to manage urinary diseases and other health issues related to men.

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